Precision and quality

in light metal casting

High-quality cookware made of cast aluminium
for the household and gastronomy.

Company goals

For of three generations now, here at LMW Leichtmetallguss GmbH our leading principle is to create a company with our foundry which creates a sustainable added value – for our customers, business partners, employees and for society. Our success shows us that we are on the right path.

In order to continue our success story also in the future we have set for ourselves ambitious goals:

  • PWe want to be even more flexible towards the requirements of our customers. Our professionalization of the advice and the support of the costumers takes place in the back-office and at sales as well as with the help of external sales partners.
  • PWe wish to further develop the supply chain within the entire process of aluminium cast production, casting processing and quality management and we wish to position LMW Leichtmetallguss GmbH foundry more and more as a supplier of precision castings.
  • PWe are constantly striving to increase our technological standards as regards to production, controlling and processing technologies.
  • PWe seek further internationalisation of our markets.
  • PWe want to offer even faster and mor direct customer service and technical support.


Recycling. Resources preservation. Emission protection


Recycling aluminium the way we use it uses about 5% of energy required to pruduce primary metal. Aluminium is not contaminated by the recycling process. 75% of the aluminium produced worldwide 100 years ago is still in use today. Aluminium as a material is therefore a material with the highest efficiency in ist life cycle.

Resources preservation

Conservation of resources is essential for us. Most modern furnace and firing controls, as well as modern energy management, help us to minimize the consumption of recources and thus to conserve them.

Emission protection

By using the best available technology in the field of filters and extracaction technology and regularly checking the legal requirements, emission protection ist he highest good that we have committed ourselves to.

“Our goal is not only to meet our customers’ needs, but to exceed them and continually evolve.”

Quality management

We guarantee the quality of our castings!

The production of high-quality requires continuous improvement of the production process – starting at the raw material and ending with the complete casting.
Our quality awareness shows itself in continuous investments in the most modern manufacturing facilities, a constant optimisation of the production process and in a comprehensive quality management, as well as the education of our staff according to the newest standards.